Silo vent filter AERSTAR AAS 3
Filter bags inserts removed from the top

This AERSTAR model differs in the system and its function is not the model AAS 1. The AAS 3 without filter housing is installed in silos or separators. The collected dust is returned to the product stored directly.

  • Weather hood WH
  • clean gas collecting hood RH
  • clean gas collecting hood with suction

Functional Description

The cleaning occurs during an online process (while the system is in operation); during the counter-current process, compressed air is blown into the inside of the filter bags along with drawn in secondary air. The mass inertia forces discard the dust that is adhering to the outer surface of the filter bag. This process repeats itself at precisely set intervals from one filter bag to another.

The intervals can be exactly set in relation to the dust concentration using the Pulstronic microprocessor control unit. The filter elements can be installed horizontally or vertically; the connections for the crude and pure gas are freely selectable. As no sources of ignition exist within the filter, the AAS AERSTAR is approved and suitable for all explosion zones. If required, it can also be supplied as a pressure surge-resistant model or with pressure relief. The AAS AERSTAR can also be equipped with a system directly attached fan on the pure gas side.