AERSTAR AAS R-U filter mountable for vacuum conveying systems for extremely high vacuum

The dust collector AERSTAR AAS R-U is a bag filter with fully automatic compressed air cleaning. He does not disperse dust with vague promises on, but filtering the dust reliably with the following benefits:



  • Compact design: The filter elements are arranged side by side and one above the other.
  • Fluffy kinds of dust are separated without difficulty: That´s why they donßt influence each other and even fluffy, tend-to-build-up kinds of dust are separated. 
  • Easy access: The filter bags are safe, but fixed with easily removable clamping elements on a front panel. Through the clean gas chamber with its large maintenance door it is easily installed and removed from a man. The diaphragm valves and the compressed air tanks are within easy reach. Optional we offer a quick-change system for filter bags, in which a time saving of 80% is achieved.
  • Filter surface upgradeable: The housing can be equipped with different length filter bags. This allows you to remain to be flexible because the filter area can be increased as needed. In addition, the filter bags have an extremely long life.
  • Expands: Standardized chambers and filter elements make it possible that you, both in height and in width, can extend the system i.e. by a series of individual chambers.
  • Extremely stable, on request individual design. Our standard units consist of steel ST 1203. On demand we produce the equipment either completely in stainless steel or only these parts that are in contact with the dust. The coating thickness is at least 70 my and is cured in a drying oven. We also offer special paintings. The centrifugal fans are made of stable welded sheet steel. The standard motors IP54 naturally comply with the rules in accordance with DIN EN 60034-1 / VDE 0530 part 1 for electrical machines. Again, we are happy to cater to individual requests.
  • Pre-assembled delivery: All AERSTAR AAS R-U dedusting devices and equipment are supplied pre-assembled depending on the design. These limits the installation costs to a minimum.


  • Continuous operation
  • No susceptibility
  • Long service life of the filter bags
  • Size can be adjusted to any air flow
  • Works even at very high concentrations of dust
  • Stable welded construction
  • For pressures up to 8,000 daPa

Functional Description

The cleaning occurs during an online process (while the system is in operation). During the counter-current process, compressed air is blown into the inside of the filter bags with drawn-in secondary air. The mass inertia forces discard the dust that is adhering to the outer surface of the filter bag. This process repeats itself at precisely set intervals from one filter bag to another.

The intervals can be exactly set in relation to the dust concentration using the Pulstronic microprocessor control unit. The filter elements can be installed horizontally or vertically; the connections for the crude and pure gas are freely selectable. Because there are no sources of ignition within the filter, the AAS AERSTAR is approved and suitable for all explosion zones. If required, it can also be supplied as a pressure surge-resistant model or with pressure relief. The AAS AERSTAR can also be equipped with a fan which is directly attached to the system on the pure gas side.