Bag Filters

Bag filters are compact fabric filters with a full automated de-dusting of the filter bags through jets of compressed air. They are used for the dry separation of dust particles or for recovering useful dusts from air and gas flows.

Equipped with the corresponding filter media, bag filters effortlessly fall below the existing and expected emissions values.

Compared to other filter systems, such as electric filters, bag filters distinguish themselves by a low capital expenditure. Fabric filters can be used at temperatures up to 250°C.

Bag filters are particularly well suitable for usages in harsh, industrial environments and are successfully used in almost all industrial areas. 
Typical cases of application are the following, for example:

  • De-dusting of transport plants, e.g. in the cement industry
  • For processing iron and non-iron metals, e.g. in foundries
  • De-dusting of kettle plants, particularly also during biomass combustion
  • As a product filter behind pulverizing mills, e.g. for coal

Our bag filters are available in different designs and thus can be individually adapted to your case of application.

R&R BETH Bag Filters

R&R BETH Single Line Bag Filters

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