BETH Small Electrostatic Precipitator

BETH Small Electrostatic Precipitator

BETH® Small Electrostatic Precipitator

For middle volumes of gas, BETH® offers small electric filters in different sizes. 

Since the use of biomass for the power generation has been supported through state subsidy programms, cheap and unproblematic processes are necessary for the de-dusting of small kettle plants between 1,000 and 2,500 kW which surely comply with the required clean gas dust content of 20 mg/m3  n,tr (and lower).

The small and mini electric filters have been developed particularly for this case of application. The proven technology from the BETH® standard-electric filter could be transferred to these production series for the most part.

The BETH® standard construction can be individually adapted to the circumstances at any time.

Built for gas temperatures up to 420°C.

The low height of 6.0 m – 7.0 m makes an assembly directly at the boiler house possible.