Double Line Bag Filters

double line bag filters

Double line bag filters are identical with the serial filters in its basic structure and offer the same benefits and variation possibilities. 

The standard filter areas of double filters range between 1,344 m² and 6,400 m². 

Of course, larger filter areas are possible, too. 

Available in the standard pressure stages: 

    ± 5,000 Pa up to  ± 14,000 Pa

Explosion pressure shock resistant up to 1.4 bar with explosion pressure relief according to VDI 3673/ DIN EN 14491 (DMT-tested)

Explosion pressure shock resistant double filters can be equipped with R&R BETH® explosion doors. For the explosion decoupling, R&R BETH® explosion diverters are available. 

Like all our bag filters, the double filter can be operated “online” or “offline”. 

The completion in chamber construction is also possible. By doing so, the filter is separated into several chambers, which can be locked on the crude or the clean gas side.