Drumfilter TFB/C

Drumfilter TFB/C

For extracting dust from large air volumes

Functional Description

The design of the Drumfilter completely departs from most previously filter systems. The filter drum is stationary and can be bolted directly to a wall opening. The incoming air flows from the inside to the outside, leaving the drum through the whole filter surface. This means that the air inside the filter chamber is clean. Rotating and changing suction nozzles on the inside of the drum continuously vacuum off any dust and waste from the filter media. Only very little air is required to clean the filter medium as the suction nozzles are very small.

The nozzles are fluidic optimized and touch the filter media, which guarantees high and efficient cleaning. The drumfilter combination TFC features an additional coarse particle filter in form of a prefilter disc that is installed at the air intake side of the drumfilter. Coarse particles will adhere on the rotating disc while the fine dust passes through it into the drum. A stationary suction nozzle cleans the prefilter disc. The suction nozzles inside the filter drum and the pre-filter disc can be driven by the same motor!

The drumfilters are perfectly suitable for energy efficient filtration of large volumes of air with fibrous dust such as wood, polystyrene, insulation material, natural material, etc.


  • Clean filter chamber since air flows from the inside to the outside
  • Drive is easily accessible on the clean gas side
  • Regenerative filter unit
  • Continuous cleaning, therefore no pressure fluctuations within the system
  • Precise adaptation to the total air volume due to the modular design
  • No dust build-up between prefilter and filter drum
  • Energy efficient operation due to low pressure loss
  • Sturdy construction
  • Energy efficient

Application in various industrial sectors

  • Textile industry
  • Non-woven industry
  • Woodworking industry
  • Paper and Cellulose industry
  • Tobacco industry
  • Fiberglass industry
  • Hygienic industry
  • Automotive industry