Wood and Wood Products
Companies in the wood and wood product industries all around the world rely on BETH Polska expertise for sorting and separating technology and fire prevention systems.

Recycling, Residues and Waste Recovery
From sorting and separating technology to unique isolation systems, BETH Polska provides cost-effective solutions for your recycling, residue and waste recovery/waste management needs.

Paper and Cellulose
Companies in the paper industry depend on BETH Polska cutting-edge designs and efficient sorting and separation processes to produce high volumes of product at minimal cost.

Plastics and Rubber
BETH Polska custom-designed sorting cabins and enclosures are widely used in the plastic and rubber industries, and our separators and waste management systems are ideal for sorting different mediums.

Gravel and Earth
Sorting large quantities of heavy materials, such as gravel and rock, is one of BETH Polska specialties. We design efficient separators with your needs in mind, helping you save time and money.

BETH Polska is committed to sustainable, environmentally responsible solutions. We provide solutions to companies in the sustainable and renewable energy industries to ensure a better future for our children and yours.

The expert engineers at BETH Polska are specialized in designing custom paint booths and paint fume extraction systems to minimize risks and maintain a healthy, safe workplace for you and your employees.

At BETH Polska, we place heavy emphasis on HAZMAT concerns. Our products, like our customized explosion and fire prevention systems, help keep your workplace OSHA compliant.

Iron and Other Metals
At BETH Polska, we create sorting and separating technology for a huge variety of commercial purposes. Our equipment is durable, sturdy and rugged enough to handle iron, ores and other metals.

Glass and Ceramics
In addition to creating tough equipment, we create equipment that can handle your delicate goods carefully. At BETH Polska, we proudly serve the glass and ceramics industry with care.

Food Products
We create agriculturally friendly sorters and separators that work quickly and efficiently, and above all, won’t damage your product. With decades of international experience, we know how important high-tech sorting is, and leverage our expertise against industry demands to help you make the most of your investment.

BETH Polska provides solutions to nearly every issue faced in the automotive industry. From sorting and separating technology to fire prevention and paint fume extraction systems, we provide the cost-effective and efficient solutions that automakers need to turn a profit during tough economic times.

Customized process enclosures and indoor sorting cabins make handling sensitive electronic equipment safer. Climate-controlled environments, bulk sorting tools and vapor extraction systems are just a few things BETH Polska provides to the electrotechnology industry.

Aviation and Railways
BETH Polska provides several products and services to the aviation and railway industries, including high-tech separation operations, and explosion and fire prevention systems. Our expert engineers understand the unique demands presented in avionics and railway manufacturing and will work closely with you to provide the ideal solutions for your needs.

Textile Industry
BETH Polska provides innovative system solutions for humidification, air conditioning, filtration and waste collection systems, including established products for spinning, twisting, weaving, knitting and finishing. A variety of proven air conditioning systems for filament spinning, texturizing and twisting top off our product range. R&R works closely with textile maschine suppliers and provides tailor-made solutions precisely according to customer needs.

Non Woven
BETH Polska offers groundbreaking solutions for humidification, air conditioning, filtration and waste collection systems for non-woven productions. Benefit from our knowledge and our range of engineering solutions in designing, constructing, and implementing filtration and recycling systems.