Pipe Systems

We build, manufacture and mount pipe systems in different steel and stainless steel qualities for the most different demands of our customers. We are also able to implement especially static demands to free-hanging pipeline systems, e.g. 35 m unsupported without additional supporting structures.

We adapt the material qualities and the wall thicknesses of the piping components to the media to be transported (abrasion and chemical composition).

Light Constructions

We manufacture high quality, coordinated and precise longitudinally-welded pipes. You get complete systems or single units for various applications. Our production line includes an extensive and modern machinery pool, including a variety of metalworking machines, longitudinal welding machines and plasma cutting machines.

Heavy Constructions

We manufacture longitudinally welded pipes for the transport of the extracted dust. If these media is under high pressure or has strong abbasive properties, we produce pipe systems in so-called "heavy construction" with 8 mm wall thickness. The welding is done according to DIN 24154 to provide the quality of our products and to guarantee a smooth process flow.