Rotary Valve Separator RT-LGA1200 and RT-LGA2000

Rotary Valve Separator

R&R BETH Rotary Valve Separator Separators for uncomplicated separation of air loaded with light weight solids. Rotating Valve Separators are used for the deposition of paper, foil and other solids like light wood, metal or plastic.

Rotary Separators are most typically used in the recycling industry where they separate light weight materials from the conveying air stream.

Rotary Valve Separators RT-LGA1200 and RT-LGA2000 are designed for the separation of solids with a weight of max . 1 g/cc. Particles of this specification have a rate of descent which is less than the velocity of the air volume flow.

That applies to solids with following criteria:

  • Paper and foils up to max. 800mm (L x W x H)
  • Filamentous or fibrous solids up to max. 2m
  • Compact solids with an edge length up to max.  200mm
R&R Beth Filtration Rotary Valve Separators

Summary of main elements:

  • Housing (upper and lower part)
  • Rotor
  • Lateral perforated screens
  • Inner perforated screens
  • Two clean gas containers
  • One raw gas container
  • Gearmotor
  • Rotation monitoring
  • Differential pressure monitoring



Functional Description

Air loaded with light weight materials enters the raw gas container. Material that is carried by the airflow falls into the rotor cells. The air passes through the perforated plates into the clean gas container. The remaining light weight materials, attached to the perforated screens, will be stripped off from the screen by a rotating rubber sealing strip. The rotor provides a continuous and periodic discharge of the light weight material. The rubber sealing strips provide sealing against leakage air inflow at different pressures conditions. The maximum pressure difference must not exceed 1500 Pa at different pressure conditions. The rotating valve is driven by a gear motor.

Components of Rotary Valve Separator

R&R Beth Filtration Rotary Valve Separators


1 - Inlet raw gas container9 - Motor support
2 - Transport eyebolts (upper casing)10 - Maintenance flap rotary valve
3 - Outlet clean air11- Stop maintenance flap rotary valve
4 - Maintenance flap12 - Transport eyebolt
5 - Gear Motor13 - Rotary valve
6 - Sensor14 - Inside perforated screen (left/right)
7 - Outlet light weight material15 - Quick release (4 x each maintenance flap)
8 - Transport eyebolts (lower casing)